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Luoghi e Territorio
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Luoghi e Territorio
una terra meravigliosa
luoghi e territori
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Places and Territory

history, culture and tradition of a wonderful country

Places and Territory

history, culture and tradition of a wonderful country

Meeting places of the past and today, Mediterranean scents, a succession of jagged cliffs, villages on the sea, dry stone walls that frame ancient olive groves and Primitivo trees, a crossroads of peoples that have followed one another history. This land has been able to pass down the centuries and enhance the love of tradition, local culture and way of life over the generations.
From the city to the rural areas up to the beautiful pristine beaches, between huts of brigands and cave churches, from the Greek civilization to the Messapian civilization between religion and the cult of mythology, peasant traditions and ancient fishing villages accompanied by the smells and flavors of tasty typical local cuisine.
In the heart of Salento, Il Borgo del Cardinale wants to be the reference point for travelers, wine tourists and families who want to discover the secrets of a wonderful land, Puglia that you don’t know…!

In the heart of Sava (TA), in the semi-underground oil mill of the Palazzo Comunale in Piazza S. Giovanni, the “Oil Museum” is born, inside which it is possible to admire documents and finds of a centenary tradition, a site in which the universality of the olive tree is a witness of the culture and history of its territory.

In Manduria (TA), an exhibition path to bring young and old closer to the heart of the Primitivo culture, from the cultivation of the vine to the production of wine, with an engaging journey to experience first hand all the emotions related to the magical world of wine.

The Salina dei Monaci is a Regional Nature Reserve of the Eastern Tarantino Coast.
It is the perfect place to bird watch and admire pink flamingos, mallards, cranes, swans and wild geese. Typical of the saline is the presence of plains of salicornia framed by the Mediterranean scrub between thorny broom, lentisk, myrtle and phyllirea.

The splendid sanctuary on the outskirts of San Marzano (TA) is of Byzantine origin. It overlooks a suggestive and particular blade of the territory, characterized by the presence of many caves of various sizes that open onto the ridges. The main element of the underground church is the fresco of the Virgin and Child, to which a miraculous meaning was attributed.

The Spartan Museum of Taranto – Hypogeum Bellacicco (Mizpah) is situated on the island of the old town of Taranto. A historical museum containing modern artistic works and historical reproductions of Greek and Roman Taranto, within which all epochs and historical periods are documented starting from the foundation of Taranto by the Spartans (VIII century BC) until the XVII century.

The beaches of upper Salento, along the wonderful Ionian coast, where the sea is turquoise and clear, are characterized by stretches of soft sand alternating with rocky cliffs, flanked by large expanses of fragrant Mediterranean scrub, dry stone walls and imposing millennial olive groves.

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